Hi, it's me, Seth, but you probably know me better as Dopply online. After four years of properly learning how to make a video game (though I've been using GameMaker in some capacity since I was 12), I finally finished a fan project involving a pair of infamous fantasy action-adventure games (produced as a joke, no less). I intended for only a small group of my friends to get a kick out of them, and congratulate me for actually finishing a project for once. After an untold amount of impressions and dozens of articles by the gaming press covering me and the games, it was clear that my days to come would be anything but normal. 

The next step, of course, was to take that momentum and funnel it into making a dream game. So, here we are. My next game, Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore, the spiritual successor to those fantasy adventure games, is the culmination of everything I've learned and is a game for both me and the fans. I am collaborating with a very talented group of people to make this dream a reality. I hope you look forward to playing the finished game as much as myself.