Looking for frequently asked questions about Arzette? Check out its page here.

I would like to work with you on your game. How do I get in touch?

At this time, I am not seeking any outside help for my projects. If this changes, I will update this section. General inquiries can be sent via the Contact form.

Are you available for hire?

It depends on the pitch. If you have a serious inquiry, please get in touch via the Contact form.

Can I help beta test/bug test/play your games early?

Sorry, but I will choose testers and players personally, this is not a position that can be applied for.

Can you tell me any details about your games that you haven't made public?

No. I will discard any and all inquiries of this nature.

Will you ever make your fan projects publicly available again? Any other projects (fan or otherwise) you are working on?

No, I have moved on from fan projects and have shifted to professional development exclusively. I cannot reveal any details about any project I haven't first publicly disclosed. Thank you for understanding.

Is there a community for you and your games?

There definitely is! Please join my Discord and join the fun conversation. 

You haven't responded to my email...can I message you on Discord or other platforms?

I am busy with several projects, so it may take some time for me to respond to you. However, if your inquiry has been covered above or is not made in good faith, I will not respond. Additionally, I do not take friend requests or message requests on any platform (follows are fine, of course!). The best way to get in touch with me and what I'm doing is to join my Discord server. I appreciate your understanding.